A rehab is the ultimate solution to any addiction or mental health problem. Most people shy away from a rehab because of the stigma that people associate with it. But eventually, they end up going to the rehab to seek treatment. So, if you have an addiction problem or mental health issue, one place you […]


When it comes to the essentials behind an individual’s recovery journey, it would interest you to note that no two persons can recover from the same addiction in the same way. It might be the same process. However, there would certainly be an outstanding difference. What addicted individuals need to know is, everyone is dissimilar, […]

How Rehab Works

Rehab is something everyone has heard of, but many people are unfamiliar with. People often take Hollywood’s word for what a rehab is like but do not understand the operations of a real rehab. This is unfortunate, as rehabilitation centers offer a highly necessary service to the public. Many people are in need of a […]

How Addiction Claims Lives

Addiction is not at all a pretty picture. Severe addicts, whether they realize it or not, are in the clutches of a condition that can prove deadly. If not deadly, addiction is always destructive, at best. Many people become addicts because they convince themselves that they are in control of the situation. They tell themselves that […]

Five Tips for Individuals Seeking Residential Rehabilitation

Substance abuse treatment programs are a large investment, and choosing the facility for yourself or your loved one to check into should involve a careful selection process. Here are five important tips from licensed rehabilitation staff members to keep in mind when choosing an addiction rehabilitation center: Effectiveness. The first priority in choosing an addiction […]

The Top Ten Addiction Treatment Centers in the World

Passages Malibu: Located in the U.S.A; A luxury addiction rehabilitation center with a holistic approach to recovery offering patients an elegant facility overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Promises Treatment Centers: Located in the U.S.A. Caters to high profile individuals and offers both chemical and psychological drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. The Sanctuary Byron Bay: Located in […]