When it comes to the essentials behind an individual’s recovery journey, it would interest you to note that no two persons can recover from the same addiction in the same way. It might be the same process. However, there would certainly be an outstanding difference.

What addicted individuals need to know is, everyone is dissimilar, so it is up to you to be honest with your actions, and see if the recovery tools would have a positive hold on you or not.


  1. Own up to your problem: This is the very first step which you need to imbibe, you have to come to terms with the fact that this addiction which has tied you down, is a big headache which you need to offload
  2. Search support: The next step would be for you to find support. The fact remains that, the faster you get support, the quicker your recovery process. It could be a family friend, a relative, just get a trusted person who would be willing to follow you up.
  3. Commence new routines: One peculiarity of addiction is, there is a conventional routine which makes it easier for the addiction to replay over again. So, it is essential that you take up new tasks, and change your approach to certain issues. Substituting a bad habit with a good one, is a vital part of recovery.
  4. Make amends for your misdeeds: One ill which comes with addiction is, offending people who we would ordinarily not have had issues with. Hence, to make up for this, as regards getting your addiction recovery process up to speed, there is a huge need for you to put your life in order, and see that you are at peace with everyone.
  5. Evade Relapse: Try as much as possible to ensure that you do not go back to your addiction, and this is the point where you need to be aware of the fact that there are chances that you could go back to your old ways.
  6. Live the rest of your life being sober: Now, you need to understand that the sober state of a post addiction process, does not mean you would lead a sad life. Rather, it is advised that you channel your energy towards other productive ventures which would keep your mind far from that addiction.

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